About the Coordinated Housing Database

If you need support using this database, have any suggestions, or find any problems, please contact MCOC@MoxyHousing.com.

If you have a vacancy that you would like to share with someone in need, please call 211 or 801-374-2588.

To enter or access vacancy listings in this database, you must first have an account provided by an administrator.

This vacancy database is to assist Mountainland Continuum of Care to provide housing to individuals and families in need throughout Utah, Summit, and Wasatch counties.

  1. It allows you to sort housing vacancies by city, bedroom type, rent price, ADA compliance, etc. 
  2. It allows you to print out individual vacancy listings in a much more readable format (You can now print as a spreadsheet). 
  3. It will indicate whether or not the property is still vacant or not
  4. It will now be updated once a week!
  5. It will be a user-friendly way to look up vacancies while you're sitting in an appointment with a client
  6. It allows us to have a live location to add vacancies as landlords come to you and offer their properties to advertise (this should go through 2-1-1 or Karen Hale). 
  7. It's linked to the Continuum website (where you can find a bunch of information about housing resources under the "Get Help" tab, and a link to the flex fund under "initiatives). 
  8. You will also find links to all of the major apartment listings on "Search Housing" page. 



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